Amazinggaijin & Birol - Good Delivery Radio 01

The first episode of the Good delivery Radio mix series curated by  the Amazinggaijin & Birol.

Even If plurarchical structure makes it possible for every single player to question the single curator’s current set of rules, there is no alternative other than to submit to the rules of another curator, and the differences between them might well be negligible because the curators in turn have organized themselves into a meta-network to defend their power as a group.’


Catnapp - Pharrell Williams EP

Catnapp (Buenos Aires, Argentina) career started in 2009.
She’s a mix global bass and emotional atmosphere.
Catnapp has been touring around Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Barcelona, Berlin and Sweden with live representations or DJ set .

She’s releasing a new EP on Good Delivery Records named Pharrell Williams, a mixture of spoken singing and rap .


05-2010 - CtodaT - Blackside Inc.

09-2010 - Catterpillar - (No Label)

08-2011 - Bardo - Blackside Inc.

03-2012 - We Got This (Single) (No Label)

05-2012 - No Money Whatever - Caballito Netlabel

09-2012 - Make Your Speakers Boom - If The Kids Records

12- 2012 -Pharrell williams – Good Delivery records



Q&A with Catnapcat


1) Can you introduce yourself to the internet people ?

Yes ! Hi ! I’m Catnapp from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love breaks, jungle beats, techno, and coffee latte.

2) Where does your name come from ?

You know when a cat takes a nap in the sun, and his fur gets all warm… I don’t know, i just love that feeling. I like cats, I like naps, I like music, so I named something I like after something I also like, makes sense.

3) How long have you been doing music ?

Forever. When I was little girl I changed the lyrics of the songs i liked, invented my own. I also grew up playing the guitar. Later I started producing electro, then minimal, then tech house, then drum and bass.. And now well… I don’t quite know what genre to put my music in.

4) What are your favourite record labels and tracks of the moment?

Im loving almost every Dirtybird release.

Only by Mathew Herbert

Space Alarm by French Fries

Walk on By (Saint Etienne Remix) by El Perro Del Mar

Dan Croll - From Nowhere

Das Racist - Girl

Solomun - Everything (like, everything he does, not a track)

5) Do you enjoy reading and  if yes who is your favourite writer?

My favorite writer of all times is Ray Bradbury, I have a tattoo from one of his books.